Holiday program follows the clues at Mudgee Baptist ChurchPHOTOS

Holiday program follows the clues at Mudgee Baptist Church | PHOTOS Jordyn Richards, Jessica Halbisch, Will Daniell and William Wiseman with their stamp art and disguises.

Elke Simpson, Xanthe Althofer, Maggie Virgona, Matilda Uryszek and Miriam Halbisch play out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in a drama session.

Tristan Van Reason and Jake Begg perform as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf in a drama session.

Playing out the story of Alice in Wonderland: Emily Gatley, Jaya Maddock-Delph, Harriet Etherington, Angelina Lillis, Bessie Nicholson, Sarah Gatley, Ruby Redfern and Emma Clulow.

Grace and Harry Sykes did stamp art.

Anastasia Germon displays her mysterious artwork created in the Thursday afternoon art session.

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Worrigee residents call for meeting on public safety

COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Keith Baker from Carrington Park Estate, Worrigee has called a meeting to address neighbourhood concerns about an increase in crime.MORE than 50 Worrigee residents have united in calling for a community meeting to address crime in their neighbourhood.

Keith Baker has lived in Carrington Park estate for 10 years.

Mr Baker said he has been robbed three times and after doing his own research estimates as many as 70 per cent of residents in the estate have been the victims of crime in one way or another.

Last month his car was one of four that were broken into in one night.

He said he is fed up with what he sees as a growing crime trend.

“Older residents have come to see me worried. One family moved from Sydney, where they said they feared for their lives, and moved to Nowra.

“Now they’ve been robbed,” he said.

Mr Baker recently called for a community meeting on the issue of crime in Worrigee.

“I have written to MP Shelley Hancock, the police and the Mayor calling for Mrs Hancock to convene a community meeting here in Worrigee.”

Mr Baker said the purpose of the meeting would be to question officials on what is being done to fight crime in Worrigee.

He also believes the Worrigee community needs to look at bringing back a neighbourhood watch type program.

“We hardly see police patrols in this area any more. We are victims,” he said.

“I did a letterbox drop asking residents to put a note in my letter box if they would support a community meeting. So far I’ve had about 50 people from this neighbourhood write to me asking for a meeting.

“I cannot do this myself, I need all residents to help me especially the ones who have been violated.

“I’m just concerned about our community we keep getting ransacked all the time.”

Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock and a senior member of the Nowra police will meet with Mr Baker at 4pm Wednesday, October 8.

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Don’t become a road statistic this weekend

NSW Police are calling for motorists to be vigilant and exercise caution ahead of an extra-busy long weekend on our roads.

Major sporting events including the NRL Grand Final, the end of the school holidays, and more people out and about in the warmer weather or heading away for the weekend, will form a ‘perfect storm,’ with large numbers of vehicles on the roads.

With these elements combined and busy roads expected, motorists are urged to be vigilant and plan ahead.

Police will launch Operation Slow Down, a high-visibility traffic operation, which will start after midnight Friday until 11.59pm on Monday, October 6.

Last year seven people died on NSW roads on the Labour Day long weekend.

Almost 5000 drivers were detected speeding and 399 were charged with drink-driving.

NSW Police Force, deputy commissioner Catherine Burn, said the need for vigilance was high this weekend.

“This long weekend marks the start of the busy run up to Christmas and the New Year; families returning from school holidays; as well as major sporting events across Sydney,” she said.

“We expect to see a large increase of motorists taking to the roads to enjoy these events and the warmer weather, however, this always brings an element of risk.

“Speed, tiredness, seatbelts, drink-driving and distraction – combined with more motorists on our roads can be deadly.

“Seven people lost their lives on the long weekend last year, the message is clear, slow down and remain vigilant to ensure we don’t repeat last year’s deadly weekend,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

As part of Operation Slow Down officers will be out in force conducting high-visibility patrols, random drug and alcohol testing, and speed enforcement across the state.

Double demerits will be in force for all speeding, seatbelt and motorcycle helmet offences throughout this period.

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Community spirit shines through for Hamish

Community spirit shines through for Hamish Enjoying the course were Angus, Matthew and Zavier Jones with Margaret Stone, and Ian and Marilyn Jones. 0914golf_9102

Avid golfer Sam Turner with his grandad Brian McPhee and Ron Hetherington. 0914golf_9107

Myles Smith was caught mid-swing here.

Clinton Hawke was in full swing. 0914golf_9128

Mike wood was all smiles. 0914golf_9052

Best Dreesed winners were the Complete Hire team of Joel Cowling, Tony Ross, Bruce Cowling and Matt Ross. 0914golf_9056

Anna and Jeff Westcott enjoyed the greens in support of Hamish.

Enjoying the jumping castle were Wayde Kriedemann with Hunter and Quinn, Duncan Neville with Eilish, Maille and Hamish, and James Hayes with Jemma and Corey. 0914golf_9067

Jordan Capple putts while Craig and Braydon Capple look on.

Aaron Carseldine teed off. 0914golf_9094

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Big plans afoot on CBD parking

CAUGHT: Some 160 parking infringement notices and 16 warnings have been handed out in the month up until September 29, according to Council General Manager, Warwick Bennett.

THE council is considering construction of a multistorey car park in Goulburn’s CBD to alleviate pressure.

It’s just one of several ideas in the pipeline to cope with an increasingly busy city centre.

If realised, the car park would be built in the Ellesmere St precinct.

Council general manager Warwick Bennett told the Post the proposal would provide more than 100 additional parking spots.

“The proposal is to build this multi-storey car park above the current parking area and it is likely to happen between now and 2018,” he said.

“It is purely just a proposal at this stage so I can’t provide any more details until they become available.”

Council’s traffic committee discussed the idea at a meeting yesterday. It is also considering implementation of angle parking on the western side of Bourke St and a review of unrestricted parking available in Cartwright Place.

Council rangers issued 166 parking infringements and handed out 31 formal warnings to motorists in and around the CBD in August.

A further 160 parking infringements and 16 warnings were issued up until September 29.

Mr Bennett told the Post that two or three of Council’s rangers have been spending three to four hours a day at various times checking on motorists who have been parking contrary to the signage.

He added that regular parking patrols would continue in the CBD in the coming months.

A survey was drawn up by Council to gauge occupancy rates of on and off-street parking.

Mr Bennett says the figures for the survey compared total available car parking spaces to occupancy rates.

“The survey showed that the one hour parking spots in the main street were the most in demand,” he said.

“This reflects the principle Council applies to time-limited parking restrictions – the closer the parking space is to the centre of the city, the tighter the parking restriction.

This ensures fairness to everyone, and keeps the parking availability flowing.”

He also revealed that during weekdays, the total on and offstreet occupancy in the CBD ranges from 65 percent on Monday and gradually builds to 85pc on Fridays.

“It drops more on Saturday and even more so on Sunday,” he said. “The survey shows there are sufficient parking spaces in Goulburn’s CBD and shows those areas of most convenience such as Auburn St are in highest demand.

But there are no occasions where parking is not available within a short walking distance of any destination in the CBD.”

Some business owners have been caught out, forgetting that by parking near their business they are denying someone else, possibly a potential customer, a spot near their business.

“The message to commuters is if you can’t get a park right in front of where you want to shop or carry out business, then keep driving along Auburn St and you will find a park, usually within about 70 to 100m from your ideal parking spot,” Mr Bennett said.

“It might just involve getting out of your car and taking a small stroll and enjoying the highlights of Goulburn’s CBD.”

Private and public car parks were also busier as the week progressed. “The total occupancy of the major private retail car parks of Marketplace, Centro and Target range from 59 per cent early in the week and build to 90 per cent on Friday,” Mr Bennett said.

“Saturday is busy at 88 per cent, but Sunday occupancy drops to 54 per cent.”

Council-owned car parks include those in Ellesmere St, off Goldsmith St, the Goulburn Visitor Information Centre, Huntly Arcade and Cartwright Place.

A range of other parking is available in the CBD, in addition to the on-street parking and major private retail car parks.

These areas included Goulburn Workers Club, Soldiers Club, Ross Place (outside the cinema), Goulburn Railway Station, Railway Bowling Club, St Saviour’s Cathedral common (overflow for funerals, etc), the former Goulburn Furniture Warehouse, Goulburn Produce, and Star Track (all in Sloane St), Goulburn Courthouse, Magnet Mart, RTA, Bourke St and numerous smaller establishments such as hotels, churches, shops and banks.

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Hospital parking petition powers on, as people sign up

A PETITION calling for more parking near the Shoalhaven Hospital is gaining momentum.

Kiama MP Gareth Ward and South Coast MP Shelley Hancock initiated a petition, collecting signatures to support more car parking spaces to service the hospital at Nowra Park.

Mr Ward said the launch of the petition at the hospital on Tuesday was a big success.

“No-one said no to signing it, they were all very keen because everyone who has visited the hospital knows well the impact the lack of parking has on them,” he said.

“We will keep collecting signatures until we get the result we want.

“We are serious about this and we are not going to let up,” he said.

Mr Ward said they don’t want funding for a multi-storey car park.

“There is a policy for charging for parking in those facilities and we are concerned about the impact those extra costs would have,” he said.

“We would use some of the green space at the Nowra Park, it has been a little controversial for some, but what is more important is providing more parking spaces for our hospital staff, patients and visitors.”

Mr Ward said locals needed to sign the petition to fight for improved facilities.

“This is my local hospital too and I want to make sure we have the best possible services and facilities.”

For a copy of the petition contact Gareth Ward’s office on 4232 1082 or Shelley Hancock’s office on 4421 0222 or find a copy of the petition at the Shoalhaven Hospital.

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Thieves cut fuel lines on community bus

DISAPPOINTED: Shoalhaven Community Transport Service chief executive officer Stephen Fornasier has concerns about the safety of his staff after fuel lines were cut on the company’s buses in a targeted act of vandalism this week.VANDALS have cut the fuel lines on buses operated by a volunteer transport service.

Shoalhaven Community Transport Service has been the target of a series of break-ins in recent weeks.

Service chief executive officer Stephen Fornasier said the buses were vandalised while parked at the Park Road facility in Nowra.

“This is a huge safety concern,” he said.

“We didn’t realise that one of the bus fuel lines had been cut when the driver had taken it out in the morning.

“It could have blown up.

“He didn’t realise until he went to refuel and it spilled out on the ground everywhere that that bus had been damaged. The chance of a fire was high.”

Mr Fornasier said fuel was also stolen from a number of vehicles.

The organisation provides transport to people who are frail, aged, isolated or living with a disability.

“This is the third time within a matter of weeks this has happened,” Mr Fornasier said.

“One of our buses will be off the road for three days because we have to get parts brought in from inter-state.

“The costs add up quickly.

“What I can’t understand is that these people are stealing from the community, so really they are just disadvantaging themselves,”

The garage, where the company’s vehicles are kept was also broken into on Monday.

“They damaged the sheds, but they realised there was nothing inside worth their while,” Mr Fornasier said.

Shoalhaven Community Transport Service has 15 vehicles that provide door-to-door transport to medical appointments, hospital, shopping, community services such as support groups and social and recreational activities.

Mr Fornasier said to continue with a lot of their services they had to borrow vehicles and reshuffle appointments.

Shoalhaven Local Area Command acting inspector Andrew Birch said it appeared to be an isolated incident on the company.

“Police are investigating the damage to fuel lines to two Shoalhaven Community Transport Service Toyota buses and are investigating into the matter to identify a possible offender,” he said.

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Control our own risk factors on the road

As we were going to press on Thursday night reports were coming in that traffic was already heavy on the Princes Highway.

Sadly, we had also reported earlier in the day of a double fatality on the Princes Highway at Moruya.

It is set to be a bad weekend on the roads with beautiful weather, school holidays and a long weekend.

Many people will also be taking today off work to make for a four day break and to gear up for grand final weekend celebrations.

These are things that we can’t control, so it’s up to all of us to pay attention to the things we can.

Most people reading this editorial would probably not be the types to drink and drive, but many of us are guilty of other, seemingly more innocent habits that can also turn deadly.

One of the greatest distractions for drivers these days is that dreaded mobile phone.

Reaching for the phone to check a message or type a quick reply has become second nature to us.

This is possibly even more dangerous than actually talking on your hand held phone as it forces you to look away from the road.

With the excitement of long weekend social activities and catch ups with family and friends those phones are going to be beeping overtime.

News flash: we don’t have to check a message or respond straight away. We can actually just ignore our phones while we are driving, or heaven forbid, turn them off all together.

Interestingly, some research shows that even having a conversation on your hands free set can be almost as distracting as having it to your ear.

Another thing we can control is our own impatience.

Accept that it is going to take longer to get from A to B during busy holiday periods.

Prepare yourself and your family for this and relax and try to enjoy the journey.

And with this lovely warm weather and the relaxed feel of a long weekend – we remind visitors and locals to be careful about locking doors and windows at the moment and making sure you cars and possessions are secured.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the football, but most importantly – stay safe.

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Support small business Day: Family traditions

Rino Anfuso is bringing a family tradition to Mildura all the way from his hometown of Floridia in Sicily.

From the oven: Rino Anfuso at his restaurant Pizzeria Divina. Picture: Chloe Ellis

The professional pizza maker learnt the trade from his uncle and began working at age 15.

His Lime Avenue restaurant Pizzeria Divina will participate in Saturday’s Support Small Business Day being promoted throughout Victoria.

Mr Anfuso has been in Sunraysia for four months, having followed his son Silvio to the region.

“My son found a good price on a house here. He liked the area and the weather,” he said.

Having run pizza restaurants in Torquay, Geelong and Melbourne, setting up a small business in the heart of Mildura was the natural option for Mr Anfuso.

He chose the location because there would be plenty of foot traffic and shared patronage with nearby stores.

“I love the street and this spot near the supermarket,” he said.

Mr Anfuso encouraged locals to support small businesses because they offer something different to the biginternational chains.

He said small businesses offer“authenticity” and spoke of his passion for making pizzas the traditional Italian way.

“Most of what we use is authentic Italian produce like our mozzarella,” he said.

For more of this story, purchase your copy of Friday’s Sunraysia Daily 03/10/2014.To subscribe to our Digital Edition Click here

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Cousins makes most of Little Big Day Out

COUSIN FUN Cousins Edward Clark, 9, Maggie Clark, 7, Lily Clark, 11, Charlotte Clifton, 7 and Poppy Clifton, 6, have fun at Little Big Day Out. Picture: Laura Hardwick THEY may be little, but for a clan of cousins, yesterday was a big day out.

Poppy, Charlotte and mum Shivaun Clifton from Brisbane headed to Wagga City Council’s Little Big Day Out with Wagga cousins Lily, Maggie and Edward Clark and mum Kelly Ryan-Clark.

Wearing sun hats, the kids were ready for a day of beautiful sunshine and fun, community-minded activities.

When speaking to the Advertiser,Poppy was drawing a house on a street map with a twist.

Dozens of children were drawing hospitals, houses, schools, streets and roads on a large window.

The end result, being a colourful maze that everyone had contributed to.

Ms Clifton praised council for putting on a free event that provided great entertainment for kids of all ages.

“It’s getting to the end of the school holidays, so lots of families are a bit tight with money, so it’s good to have something for free,” Ms Clifton said.

“They’ve really put a lot of thought into it.”

The Clark family have supported the event for years.

“We were trying to work it out, we’ve been to about six or seven.

“It’s a really good event.”

Young Poppy was looking forward to getting her face painted, but spending time with her family was the real highlight.

“It’s exciting,” she said.

Matthew Rocks was enjoying the spring weather with his four daughters, Emmeline, 15, Sophie, 13, Alice, 11, and Georgette, 6.

Little Georgette was excited to be spending the day with her big sisters.

“I’m excited to be going on the rides and the jumping castle,” she said.

Emmeline, the oldest of the four, said she enjoyed have a family day with her younger sisters.

“I like helping them do craft activities,” she said.

As sunshine flooded the precinct it was clear family and friends were lapping up the show.

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